is a fine
-art magazine. Founded in 2oo8, its mission is to serve as a forum for better understanding and unity to help make the communication between the ℙeoℙle truly enjoyable.

Through its unique visual storytelling, ℙINGO delivers high-quality and engaging content across print and digital platforms. An innovator of culture and direct knowledge, we reflect the pulse of cultural issues and serve as a host of human communication — today, tomorrow and for decades to follow. We reach nearly three thousand readers yearly, and our digital applications attest to more than 4oo monthly visits on our website.

ℙingo is owned by kinder buenos.

First Day of Issue

ℙINGO was launched on January 11, 2oo8.

Print Readership

ℙINGO Magazine has a daily readership of nearly 3o.

Print Circulation

According to the AAM Publisher’s Statement for the second quarter ending June 2017, ℙINGO showed an average biannually paid circulation of 812 *.

Print Sites

varying between 6 and 8o in EUROℙE and USA.

American Print Edition

ℙINGO launched the North—American distribution on May 25, 2o15. Currently the edition is distributed in New York City only. It has a total circulation of 1o*.

*Source: comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform June 2017.



ℙINGO is as dynamic as the world itself: colorful, people-centered, riveting. We give our readers information they can truly receive — how, when, and where they want it — breaking down complex issues with visual storytelling and a uniquely personal focus.

Credible and sincere, ℙingo provides both an zany look at what’s happening in the world today and in-depth illustrations of transcendent issues.

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